The Traditional Tribe

You’re inspired by a traditional life. You hope to pass down family traditions and rituals to your children and grandchildren. You have a sense of history and structure in your home. You likely see single, bold framed art on your walls - pieces that make a statement on their own. You might even see your home as an art gallery of sorts.

Here are some great products that you will love - for both on the wall and off!

Framed Prints

Classic, framed prints are the perfect way to display art in your home.  It gives you a clean look to match your home decor. For a more contemporary look, consider a frame without a matte.

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If you like your walls clean and simple, then a photo album might be a great way for you to share family memories.  Albums are a classic, and clean way to print and store your images.

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Custom Jewellery

If you love jewellery, but want to have something that no one else does, then KEEP is the place for you.  Their CUSTOM-DESIGNED keepsakes are made with love by AWARD-WINNING jewelry designers. They use RESPONSIBLY SOURCED, QUALITY materials to create our Charms and GENUINE LEATHER Keepers. Amy {your local designer} is passionate about creating custom pieces that fit you!

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