The Eclectic Artist

You're a rule breaker when it comes to home decor and design. You like custom and unique pieces and want to show your family in a way no one else has. You draw inspiration from many other decor styles and make your walls, your own. When it comes down to it, you're a storyteller.

Here are some great products that you will love - for both on the wall and off!

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Prints on Metal

Imagine your family being displayed on a luminous background of brushed aluminum. These are a modern, metallic way to mix with wood, creating a rustic and industrial look.

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Bamboo Mounted Prints

Bamboo Mounted prints are a beautiful way to display your family. They combine contemporary style with earth friendly materials. A truly unique way to share your family portraits.

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Bearface Design by Jon Johnson

Jon Johnson is a small time screen printer and graphic designer based in Kitchener Ontario.  If you like craft beer, you'll love his locally inspired designs for glasses.  Toques, Ts and other products available in the etsy shop.

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