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When you realize your family is growing up so quickly...

And you don’t want to forget how little they are

I know exactly how you feel. In the blink of an eye, my family has gone from diapers and roly poly babies to bright, independent kids with amazing goals and personalities. Seriously … where has the time gone? Wasn’t I just buckling them up into a highchair?

*Do you also feel like time is flying by?

*Have you already forgotten what they were like as little ones?

*Do you keep putting off family photography because you are afraid the planning part will be a pain?

*Is your calendar already booked up and you don’t know how to fit it in?

*Are you worried that the images will just end up on a disk or hard drive again anyway - so what’s the point?

I know you are super busy and don’t have a lot of time to figure all this out. Fitting a family session into your calendar might seem impossible. I mean I can barely plan a play date, let alone get everyone in the same place at the same time - and keep everyone happy too!

*I completely know where you are coming from and I’ve designed my sessions to be fun, stress free and not forced.

*I know your 3 year old just wants to jump around and check out the grassy field.

*And every dad I’ve ever worked with walks away saying - that wasn’t so bad (or more likely - “that was fun!”)

*So don’t worry - the kids will have a blast - because jumping around actually makes for great photos

*In the end, you’ll have beautiful memories and beautiful images to display in your home - I can make sure they end up on your walls!

“Karen was amazing to work with. She really took the time before our shoot to get to know exactly what I was looking for. Most impressively she took the time to ask a lot of questions about my toddler, his personality and his likes. On the day of our photo shoot Karen was my son's best friend. They played games and acted silly together. At the end of the shoot Karen and my son were walking hand in hand and chatting like they had known each other forever and not as if they had just met. The result is that I have stunningly beautiful photos of my family that i am so very happy with. Karen is so very talented. This job was meant for her.” ~Maggie Hilton

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Your kids (who won’t be kids much longer) will remind you how much fun you can have together.

My experience with many different personalities types, ages and energy levels has given moms the images and artwork they really want. Your shy one - I can help bring them out of their shell. Your “bouncing-off-the-walls” toddler - I’ll reign him in and get natural smiles. We have some serious fun and the results are beautiful images you will love to hang on the walls.

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“My family and I loved working with Karen {and her team}! She clearly loves kids and knew how to make our three youngsters relaxed and happy during the session. She had a really good eye for knowing what would look good on our wall, all while understanding my taste. My Canvases are so beautiful I still feel happy every time I see them in our living room, and we get compliments from all our visitors. I never felt rushed, and I always felt that Karen wanted our photos to look amazing just as much as I did. Karen is the best!” ~Rebecca Horsman

After taking photography at Fanshawe College, I didn’t quite know what to do next. It wasn’t until I had my daughter, that I realized my passion for family photography. I love working with moms to create wonderful images that they can display in their home and enjoy everyday (I can’t tell you how many times I stare at my kids up on the wall). Creating the design plan for your walls is super easy with my state-of-the-art design software - so fun too!

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“Our family photo session with Karen was amazing. Herding three young children for photos isn't a task for the faint of heart. Karen manages everyone with grace and patience. The best part were the photos. She found moments we didn't notice and truly captured the personalities of our children.” -Laurie & Alex Kinsella

The whole process involves an hour (or so) at the session - a great way to have fun with your family - and a design consult in your home - no babysitter required - where you will choose your favourite images. The rest is up to me and my team. It really is an easy process and at the end of every session, I constantly hear how easy it all was from both moms and dads. In fact the hardest part will be narrowing down all your favourite images.

If you’re thinking:

Yes - this is exactly what I want, but my husband won’t be into it

Trust me, he will end up having fun and the whole thing takes minimal commitment from everyone - we do all the hard work!

Seriously - my kid NEVER looks at a camera

Yay! My specialty. I love a challenge and have a ton of games to play so that looking at the camera isn’t even part of it - just having fun!

I don’t think I want stuff on the wall - just prints to share with family

A lot of my clients think that at the beginning. It can be hard to commit to a larger piece of artwork before you have seen the final image. But I truly feel {and studies have shown} that displaying images in your home, can improve the self esteem of your family. Plus all these beautiful printed pieces become your future family heirlooms.

My kids have a schedule - can you work around naps and bedtime?

We can work around any schedule! My kids had to have their scheduled sleep - for my own sanity - so I totally get it. However, there are certain times of the day that are better for light reasons. We can work it out together. Honestly, well-rested, fed children are so much happier at the session.

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I make it my goal that your family will have a fun, relaxed session and you’ll end up with beautiful images that you can enjoy every day.

So let’s get started! I’m excited to learn more about your family and hear what you’ve envisioned for your images and artwork. To get the artwork they want, most clients spend $750-$1000+, but I work with many different budgets to ensure you can enjoy your family on the walls - even when they aren’t behaving in real life!

Contact me

So I can learn more about your family and get you into the calendar!

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